7art 3D Moon Base ScreenSaver © 7art-screensavers.com
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7art 3D Moon Base ScreenSaver © 7art-screensavers.com

3D Moon Base Screensaver takes you on a tour to the Moon
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3D Moon Base Screensaver takes you on a tour to the Moon.
This unique screensaver will put you on the astronaut’s seat and take you directly to our natural satellite: the Moon.
Your journey will start as soon as you take off from Earth and start your space voyage to the moon.
You will see our satellite approaching until you start flying close to the surface, looking for the base camp.

As you explore, you will get awesome views of our planet as seen from the moon. Maybe now you will understand why they call it the Blue Planet.
You continue your journey, and suddenly a spaceship appears nearby, circling the area until it lands and a lonely astronaut descends from it.

After a while, you continue your flight and there it is. You finally see the Moon Base in all its splendor, protected by some kind of energy field or something similar.

The graphics of space and the Earth are awesome, as well as the graphics depicting the surface of the moon.
Obviously, the spaceship and base camp are not very realistic, but the journey as a whole will give you a nice idea of what such a tour would be like.

It is a nice screensaver, but I suppose that after a while you might get bored.

FS Senior editor
Fernando Soni
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  • Nice graphics of space


  • The graphics of the base are not good
  • Might become boring after a while



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